Allergy & Immunology

The Allergy Group

  • Brianne Ayers, PAC
  • Neetu Talreja, MD
  • Charles Webb, MD

Boise Valley Asthma & Allergy Clinic

  • John D. Jeppson, MD
  • Michael Keiley, MD
  • G. William Palmer, MD
  • Heide S. Peters, NP
  • Jennifer Neumayer, PAC


Anesthesia Consultants of Treasure Valley

  • Margaret Ford, CRNA
  • John Hine, MD
  • R. Todd Horseman, MD
  • Tatianna Khochay, CRNA
  • Tom Lark ,MD
  • David Navarro, CRNA
  • Christopher Pierce, DO
  • Curtis Rigby, DO
  • Brock Wolff, CRNA


Ada West Dermatology

  • Laura Allen, PAC
  • Alec Arhets, PAC
  • Randall Burr, MD
  • Jennifer Cook, FNP
  • Stephen Frelly, PAC
  • Brian Friedt, PAC
  • Teresa Graklanoff, PAC
  • Tina Measham, MD
  • Janice Neilson, PAC
  • Alan Pitt, MD
  • Mark Schwendiman, DO
  • Juliann Visser, PAC
  • Gregory L. Wells, MD
  • Daniel Winchester, MD

Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho, PLLC

  • Shawna M. Beechinor, PAC
  • Ryan S. Owsley, MD
  • Thad Wilkey, PAC

CT Derm and The Medspa by CT Derm

  • James Barclay, PAC
  • Tiffany McCray, PAC
  • Carl R. Thornfeldt, MD

DeBlieck Dermatology

  • Jan DeBlieck, MD

Dermatology and Laser Center of Canyon County

  • Ryan Harris, MD
  • Thea N. Heaton, PAC
  • Seth A. Permann, PAC
  • Gavin R. Powell, MD

Dermatology Clinic of Idaho

  • Michael Housley, PAC
  • Tyler McKinnon, PAC
  • Mariya R. Ostermiller, PAC
  • Dustin R. Portela, DO
  • James H. Stewart, MD
  • Lance Wood, MD

Gem State Dermatology

  • Jaclyn Golus, PAC
  • Michael Lane, PAC
  • Steve Mings, MD
  • Holly H. Wolf, PAC

Idaho Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center

  • Ashley Cafferty, PAC
  • Teri Cottingham, MD

Idaho Skin Surgery Center, PC

  • Jared Scott, MD
  • Holly H. Wolf, PAC
  • Jessie Zimmerman, PAC

Keller Skin Care

  • Angela Coyne, PAC
  • Wade R. Keller, DO
  • Heather Knuston, DNP

Primary Health Medical Group State Street

  • Matthew Bender, MD

Sun Valley Skin Center

  • Lindie Borton, MD

Ear, Nose, and Throat

Darrell A. Kammer, MD PA

  • Darrell A. Kammer, MD

Primary Health Medical Group State Street

  • Martin Tubach, MD


Ennis Endocrinology PLLC

  • Robert Ennis, MD
  • Jamie Ruiz, PAC
  • Idaho Diabetes and Endocrine Associates

    • Sarah Lane, PAC
    • T. Steven Roosevelt, MD

    Treasure Valley Endocrinology, PC

    • Julie Foote, MD
    • Tiffany Heidt, FNP

    Family Medicine

    Advanced Clinical Research

    • Mark Turner, MD

    Boise Family Medicine Center

    • Tara Brumpton, PAC
    • Dale L. Mock, MD
    • Stephanie Kathryn Potter, MD

    Center for Lifetime Health

    • John Eck, MD
    • Terryn Martin
    • Colleen Shackelford, NP
    • Shelby Shananberger, RDN

    Davis Family Medicine

    • Christopher Chandler, PAC
    • Ashley Davis, MD
    • Emily Moore

    Deer Point Family Practice, PC

    • Gary A. Tubbs, MD

    Doctors Clinic of Elmore County

    • Layne Roberts, MD
    • Delmar Smith, PAC

    Eagle Creek Family Medicine

    • Christa Inzer Castillo, PAC
    • Vicki Wooll, MD

    Functional and Integrative Medicine of Idaho, PA

    • Karen Callagy, PAC
    • Gail Eberharter, MD
    • Amber Warren, PAC

    Initial Point Family Medicine

    • Christi E. Franks, FNP
    • Mark S. Grajcar, MD
    • Kathleen Nielsen, PAC

    Main Family Medical

    • Laura Banbridge, NP
    • David Gee, MD
    • Michele Miles, PAC

    McMillan Medical Center

    • Kirk A. Campana, MD
    • Katherine Coate, FNP
    • Erin M. DeHaven, PAC
    • Sandra Kasumovic, PAC
    • Terry Little, MD
    • Brenda Shaw, PAC
    • Natalie Shiflett, MD
    • David Talford, PAC
    • Mark Turner, MD

Family Medicine Cont.

Meridian Family Medicine

  • Dave Butuk, MD
  • Scott Frisby, PAC
  • Shauna Lacow, FNP
  • Meredith K. Mangum NP
  • Leanna Moser, NP

Pioneer Family Medicine

  • Julie Franden, NP
  • Jason Ludwig, DO
  • Aaron Moorhouse, DO

Primary Health Medical Group Broadway

  • Darryl Barnes, PAC
  • David Hartman, MD
  • Mark Michaud, MD
  • Craig Walker, FNP

Primary Health Medical Group Caldwell

  • Joel Burch, PAC
  • Raul Godina, PAC
  • Jeff Robins, FNP
  • Patrick Stowell, MD

Primary Health Medical Group Chinden & Linder

  • Mark Clinger, MD
  • Brent Noel, PAC
  • Kristyn Schelhass, DO
  • George Thomas, DO
  • Becky Wells, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group Crossroads

  • Lisa Dockter, MD
  • Tyler Hudon, MD
  • Timothy Loewenstein, PAC
  • Frannie Proffitt, PAC
  • Nate Ward, DO

Primary Health Medical Group Downtown

  • Kelly C. Beach, PAC
  • April Dillion, DO

Primary Health Medical Group Eagle

  • Geneva Crum, FNP
  • Daniel Reed, MD
  • James Yerger, MD

Summit Family Health

  • Mike Kaylor, MD

Primary Health Medical Group Garden City

  • Angela House, DO
  • F. Duncan MacDonald, MD
  • Lyndsi Zapp, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group Meridian

  • Christian Crawford, PAC
  • Jeremy Frix, PAC
  • Heather Grote, PAC
  • Timothy P. Hodges, DO
  • Mark Johnson, DO
  • Lloyd Stolworthy, MD

Primary Health Medical Group Orchard

  • Paul Phail, DO
  • Amber Vania, DO
  • Ryan Wilson, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group Overland

  • Cyrus Vania, DO
  • Charalee Basaldua, MD
  • Bryce Leonard, PAC
  • Ryan Burke, PAC
  • Sean Lamb, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group South Meridian

  • Marisa Battaglia, MD
  • Sam Battaglia, MD
  • Rylan Chan, PAC
  • Robert Lyons, MD
  • Amber Vickers, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group Nampa

  • Daryn Barnes, PAC
  • Shannon Bordes, FNP
  • Dustin Danowski, DO
  • Ramon Relyea, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group South Nampa

  • Carolyn Barnhart, FNP
  • John Mullins, MD
  • Laura Reis, DO
  • Raul Rios, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group State Street

  • Bruce Belzer, MD
  • Stephen Martinez, MD
  • Scott Morrill, PAC
  • Shelley Ringo, MD
  • Travis Robbins, FNP
  • Eli Thornton, FNP
  • Kelly Wilkinson, MD

Primary Health Medical Group West Boise

  • Abby Luensmann, MD
  • Jenna Maffrey, PAC
  • Ryan Moore, MD
  • Sam Shinkle, PAC

Primary Health Medical Group Float

  • Christine Birch, PAC
  • Tony Carles, FNP
  • Patrick Castellano, PAC
  • Nathan Church, PAC
  • Paddy Downey, PAC
  • Robert Duff, FNP
  • Derek Hamblin, MD
  • Sue Jardine, PAC
  • Greg Maloney, PAC

Summit Family Health

  • William Loveland, MD
  • Angela Pellant, MD
  • Julie Scott, PAC

Treasure Valley Family Medicine

  • Brian Crownover, MD
  • Deloras Maybach, FNP

Two Rivers Medical Clinic, PA

  • Selena J. Ankarberg, FNP
  • Kent L. Hamilton, PAC
  • Suzanna D. Hubele, MD
  • Lore B. Wootton, MD

Digestive Health Clinic, LLC

Two Rivers Medical Clinic, PA

  • Nic R. Cordum, MD
  • Ashley T. Evans, MD
  • Robert F. Gibson, MD
  • Samuel S. Gibson, MD
  • Christopher J. Goulet, MD
  • Meghan Jankowski, MD
  • Nancy J. L'Heureux, FNP
  • Mark A. Mallory, MD
  • June M. Reiling, FNP
  • Stephen M. Schutz, MD
  • Tracy M. Young, FNP

General Surgery

Advanced Surgery of Idaho

  • Jon M. Agee, MD
  • Ronald W. Cornwell, MD
  • Ryan W. Hardy, MD
  • Richard Martin, MD

Internal Medicine

Total Care Medical Clinic

  • Scott R. Bressler, MD

Erland Internal Medicine PC

  • Keri Erland, MD

Winding Creek Medical Arts

  • Marion Luque, MD

L. Schlickman, MD, PLLC

  • Louis M. Schlickman, MD


Boise Kidney & Hypertension Institute

  • Robert Davidson, MD
  • Aaron Fearday, MD
  • Amanda Hall, DO
  • Christopher Keller, MD
  • Jerry Meng, MD
  • Arnold Silva, MD

Neurological Surgery

Neurological Surgery

  • D. Peter Reedy, MD

Neuroscience Associates

  • Michael V. Hajjar, MD
  • Timothy J. Johans, MD
  • Meghan Galloway, PAC
  • Richard A. Lochhead, MD
  • David Nielson, PAC
  • Thomas C. Manning, MD
  • Jeffrey Flaker, PAC
  • Paul J. Montalbano, MD
  • Deborah Srangstu, FNP


Lawrence E Green, MD

  • Lawrence E. Green, MD

Les Bois Neurology

  • James M. Herrold, MD
  • Heidi T. Orme, MD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Advanced Specialty Care For Women

  • Gary Gregerson, MD
  • Bethany Mello, NP
  • Catherine O'Bosky, CNM
  • Jane Weis, CNM
  • Todd Woodward, PAC

Darin L. Weyhrich, MD PA

  • Mary G. Stone-Arave, NP
  • Darin L. Weyhrich, MD

Eagle OB/GYN & Women's Health

  • Lee Self, MD

Marianne Zakarian, MD, PC

  • Lindsay Erstad, PAC
  • Marianne Zakarian, MD

Primary Health Medical Group

  • G. Robert Klomp, MD


Cancer Center of Idaho

  • John E. Gamboa, MD


Aesthetic Eye, PC

  • Alan McInnes, MD


Allied Orthopaedics

  • Louis M. Burke, PAC
  • Lindsey Carmichael, PAC
  • Sean Hassinger, MD
  • Travis J. Kemp, MD
  • William Lindner, MD
  • Mark A. Spelich, MD
  • Richard Trump, PAC

Americana Orthopaedics

  • Stanley J. Waters, MD

Direct Orthopedic Care

  • Jenny Abraham, PAC
  • Scott Astley, PAC
  • Jackie Callaway, PAC
  • Lindsey Carmichael, PAC
  • Andy Chorn, PAC
  • Margaret Holmes, PAC
  • Jenny Lucas, PAC
  • Nathan Richard
  • Annatara Smith, PAC
  • Craig Smith, MD
  • Roy Sternes, PAC
  • Tom Tryon, PAC
  • Brett Turner, PAC
  • Kelly Vincent, PAC
  • Mark Williams, MD
  • Scott Ward, PAC

Humphrey Shoulder Clinic

  • C. Scott Humphrey, MD

Idaho Hand Center

  • Jeffrey S. Boyer, MD
  • Mark C. Clawson, MD
  • John G. Kloss, MD
  • David M. Lamey, MD

Idaho Sports Medicine Institute

  • Andrew Curran, DO
  • Michael Gustavel, MD
  • Kirk J. Lewis, MD
  • Patrick B. McCabe, PAC
  • Jennifer R. Miller, MD
  • Mary Ann Ozier, PAC
  • Scot B. Scheffel, MD

Mountain States Hand Clinic

  • Troy B. Watkins, Jr., MD

Orthopaedic Associates

  • Don Curtis, CFA
  • Timothy E. Doerr, MD
  • Jeffrey Hessing, MD

Roman Schwartsman, MD

  • Roman Schwartsman, MD
  • Daniel Whitted, PAC

Tadje Orthopaedics

  • Virginia Jeppesen, FNP
  • Jared Tadje, MD

Timothy Floyd, MD, PLLC

  • Charles Timothy Floyd, MD
  • Eric Hanson, PAC

The Shoulder Clinic of Idaho

  • Thomas M. Chopp, MD
  • Kathryn Colson, PAC
  • Thomas Goodwin, MD
  • Joseph Lynch, MD
  • Michael Nieraeth
  • Kelly Vincent, PAC

West Idaho Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

  • Hodaka Abe, PAC
  • Michael Daines, MD
  • Branden Florence, PAC
  • Robert Hansen, MD
  • Craig Jamison, PAC
  • Eric Moss, PAC
  • George A. Nicola, MD
  • John Q. Smith, MD
  • Bryce Wikfors, PAC
  • Jonathon C. Wolf, MD

Pain Management

Beacon Pain Clinic

  • Rebekah Guy, MD

Idaho Spine and Pain, PLLC

  • Russell Harmony, NP
  • Karl Zarse, MD

Exodus Pain Clinic

  • Daniel Marsh, MD
  • Anna Martsenyuk, CNS

Injury Care Medical Center

  • Richard Radnovich, MD

Pain Care Boise

  • William G. Binegar, MD
  • Fred J. Friel, PAC

Pain Care Clinic of Idaho, PC

  • Edmund C. Boese, MD

The Center For Pain Care

  • Clint Mallari, MD

The Pain Center Inc.

  • Eric Culbertson, PAC
  • Alla Osipchuk, CNS
  • Sandra Thompson, MD


Ada West Dermatopathology

  • Tina Measham, MD
  • Gregory L. Wells, MD

Cole Diagnostics

  • Ryan N. Cole, MD

Diagnostic Pathology Services, Inc.

  • Brian Davis, MD
  • Nicholas G. Grant
  • Joseph Kronz, MD


Meridian Pediatrics

  • V. Susan Bradford, MD
  • Vanessa McCrory, FNP
  • Steven A. Smith, MD
  • Brandon Taylor, DO
  • Allyson Van Steenbergen, MD
  • Angel Zieba, MD

Primary Health Medical Group Pediatrics

  • Angie Beauchaine, MD
  • Ann Overy DO
  • David Peterman, MD
  • Katie Weller, FNP

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Idaho Joint and Spine

  • James Whitaker, DO

Idaho Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • Robert H. Friedman , MD
  • Nancy Greenwald, MD
  • Christian Gussner, MD
  • Mark J. Harris, MD
  • Shane A. Maxwell, DO
  • Kurt A. Mildenstein, MD
  • Monte Moore, MD
  • Barbara Quattrone, MD
  • Michael O. Sant, MD
  • Robert A. Pollman, PAC

Northwest Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • Kevin R. Krafft, MD
  • Spine and Physical Medicine

    • James H. Bates, MD


    Live Well Psychiatry

    • Gladys J. Gonzales, PAC
    • Scott P. Hoopes, MD
    • Joycelyn J. Reiland, FNP

    Perma Mental Health, PLLC

    • Zana Delic, PAC
    • Alex Wills, MD


    Advanced Vein Therapy

    • John Knockel, MD
    • Matt Moore, MD

    Imaging Center of Idaho And Vein Center of Idaho

    • John Gambino, MD
    • Micheal Brent Johnson, DO
    • Christopher Malcom DO
    • Joel Robinson, PAC
    • Robert Yeager, MD

    Intermountain Medical Imaging/Gem State Radiology

    • Janet Cegnar, MD
    • Kimball Christianson, MD
    • Jared Chugg, MD
    • Carolyn Coffman, MD
    • Curtis Coulam, MD
    • Jan Davey, MD
    • Neil Davey, MD
    • Vicken Garabedian, MD
    • Anthony Giauque, MD
    • Reginal J. Gobel, MD
    • Cyle Goodman, MD
    • Benjamin Hom, MD
    • John Jackson, MD
    • Christopher Kauffman, MD
    • John Knochel, MD
    • Shane McGonegle, MD
    • Michael Modica, MD
    • Matt Moore, MD
    • Laurel Morgan, NP
    • Mark Papenfuss, DO
    • Dallas Peck, MD
    • Matthew Darren Pond, MD
    • Jason Salber, MD
    • Lisa Scales, MD
    • Howard Schaff, MD
    • Jeffrey Seabourn, MD
    • Loreli Smith, MD
    • Caroline Sabota, MD
    • Bertram Stemmler, MD
    • William Taylor, MD
    • Daniel Wegner, MD

    Treasure Valley Imaging

    • Jeff Grossman, MD


    Boise Arthritis and Immunology Clinic

    • Peggy Ann F. Rupp, MD

    Idaho Arthritis Center

    • Kyle George, PAC
    • Mikael Lagwinski, MD
    • Jennifer McGill, PAC
    • Svetlana Meier, MD
    • Eric Palfreyman, MD
    • Rebecca K. Privon, FNP

    Sleep Medicine

    Idaho Sleep Specialists

    • Brett Troyer, MD


    Idaho Urologic Institute

    • Cynthia Fairfax, MD
    • William Fredriksson, MD
    • John Greer, MD
    • Jared Heiner, MD
    • Katie Holder, PAC
    • Dawn King, MD
    • Eric Klein, MD
    • Helen Kuo, MD
    • Melissa McClenahan, PAC
    • Lisa Parrillo, MD
    • Todd Waldmann, MD
    • Joseph H. Williams, MD

    Weight Loss

    Advanced Specialty Care For Women

    • Gary Gregerson, MD
    • Bethany Mello, NP

Medical Providers

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